Totally Random #1

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Edit that I did in this video
00:00 add music (Russian Dance)
00:32 add sound effects
01:56 add conversation and sound effect
02:26 add sound effect
02:47 edit the entire audio and add short music (Solo Cello Passion)
03:45 add sound effect
04:10 edit the entire audio
04:18 add sound effect and music (Tension Nonstop)
04:55 add sound effects
05:42 add music (Dont be suspicious)
05:50 edit the entire audio and add short music (Solo Cello Passion)
06:33 add sound effects
06:45 add music (I don't know the title it comes from a cartoon)
06:58 add music (At the fair)
07:15 add sound effect
07:16 add sound effect


Here are the credits from where I got the videos
I can't guarantee whether they are the real owner or not.
I lost links or info from some videos.
Thank you!

Walking - @drugsanny
Bird hit tree - @viralSnare
Wifi - @kenradio
Dogs breathing - @lucaspoland4
Rabbit - @OneMorePlease
Ballet fail - @9Gag
squirrel - @3.1415926538979323846
Aaahhhhh - @u/Xkounter
Shopping Cart - @ViralSnare
You are adopted - @u/redrightguy1
Spider - @PlanetVidéo
Singing - @lizjsm_
See Saw - @ladbible
Burger and dog - @这视频有毒
Overloaded motorbikes - @closetowhy
Kicking the fireplace - @isitreallymoira
Cat face hit the table - @conphused
Slippery stairs - @alisalisandro
Fall from bunk bed - @ViralHog
Suzuki boat engine - @TechNave
Pringles can - @johnny_shubat
Mouse with knife - @christianmckelvey
Shut up idiot! - @glenwooda6
The dog was shocked - @9Gag
Jump fail - @Mymbaka
Strange cow - @EKauzer
Hit the tv - @rachel.kostelnik
Annoying chicken - @u/trenchman_
Trucks - @Rezeki HEAVY haulage
Almost lost the balls - @dj
Fell into the gutter - @✔СМЕХ-ХА-ХА-РИЙ (σʀɪɢɪɴαʟ)
Cat chase laser - @recyclebin_

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