Wildlife In The Forest 4K | With Natural Sound | Fox, Badger, Deer, Marten, Birds - By Morten Hilmer

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Welcome to the peaceful nature of Denmark. My name is Morten Hilmer and this is my backyard.
This 24/7 livestream reveals the fascinating life and interesting behaviour of the wildlife that live here.
Right here next to the stream and underneath the old tree is a favourite place for the badger, the fox, the marten and many other animals and birds that come here everyday for a snack.

This live camera is located in the Northern part of Denmark on a 11 Hectares piece of land.
More information can be found below.


Live Chat

In the live chat you can ask questions, report observations and sights and of course have a cozy chat. You will notice all observations is linked to a time stamp, so that you can rewind the stream (up to 12 hours) and see what you might have missed.
It is important, that you put this time stamp, when you post your own observations.


Link to the sheet that gives access to all recorded sightings since April 2021


Snacks are usually put out every second or third day and in an amount that are carefully adjusted to the amount of wildlife and the activity. The goal is to attract wildlife without making dem depending on the food they find and without taking over their natural habits when searching for food.
The food that is provided is usually peanuts, cat pellets, corn and sunflower seeds.


About this live-stream

My name is Morten Hilmer and close to this beautiful and peaceful scenery is the place, I call home.
I work as a wildlife photographer, and since I moved to here it has been my mission to re-wild nature so that it once again can find its own balance.
To learn about the creatures that surround me, I started this project in 2021 and it has been both entertaining and very educational for me as well as for many others.

This live camera was started on my main YouTube channel in March 2021 and in July 2022 we had had 8.4 million views and a great community of engaged, enthusiastic people following along every day and doing a great job registering and documenting all behaviours and encounters.
What started out as a small personal project, had grown into a great community of wonderful people, and I thought it was time for the little camera to get its own channel - and here it is:)

I truly hope you will enjoy nature in my backyard and that you will get great experiences watching what nature provides.

All the best

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